Susan Dreiling, Website Administrator
Apr 27, 2018

Guidelines for Participation


Edited: Apr 27, 2018

SLMM Social Groups: Guidelines for Participation


(a) purpose > The main goal of this group is to foster real-time interaction between members. Without the barrier of distance, all members can discuss, share, and learn with each other. 


(b) admin(s) > Currently there is one admin, Susan Dreiling (also the website administrator). Please direct any questions or concerns directly related to the use and practices of the social group to her (, or via Facebook messenger).


(c) rules of participation > This is a supportive, positive environment free from discrimination of any kind. Hateful, hurtful behaviors will not be tolerated and are grounds for removal. This includes, but is not limited to, vulgar language, disturbing photos, angry or aggressive behavior toward fellow members, and posting anything in violation of any intellectual property right of another. Please keep solicitation (sharing workshops, retreats, stores / sales, etc) relevant and respectful.


(c) goals & growth > The success and value that this group can provide depends on your participation, so please post, share, and encourage each other to take part in community discussions. Suggestions for improvements are always welcome—your feedback, thoughts, and questions matter, and will help shape the future of the group!


>> These group guidelines are subject to change. Any updates will be prominently posted to the group for all members to acknowledge.


>>> Last updated 04.25.2018.

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