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 the SLMM premise 

The Society of Layerists in Multi–Media (SLMM) was founded in 1982 to serve as a network for artists and other persons interested in a holistic perspective. John Briggs has defined a holistic perspective as "harmony in which everything is understood as affecting everything else." Mary Carroll Nelson, founder of SLMM, observes that "Layerists have developed a perspective related to the time/space continuum. In layered art, many events connect at a single point in space; and many points in space are linked at a single moment in time." Alexander Nepote, SLMM–s late mentor, expressed an idea that is relevant to Layering: “Energy that connects everything is a cosmic web — this includes information from the collective unconscious, the metaphysical as well as the physical."


The purpose of SLMM is to offer creative artists a holistic way to relate to one another, as differentiated from the academic structure of professional artists’ associations based on a single medium, such as watercolor, pastel or sculpture. The network we have built is meant to act as a leavening in a society whose values are based on a system of separation through competition, careerism, and hierarchy. SLMM is a society of equals designed to encourage creative expression and dynamic growth.


Layering is not a label for a particular style or medium. Layerists are diverse in their approach to making art, but they make similar references to many overlapping disciplines, such as: the sciences, philosophy, and metaphysics. Often the Layerist’s intention is to express a metaphysical content, a sense that something "other" than the visible inhabits the work. Therefore we say that it is not the technique that distinguishes a Layered work of art so much as the mind of the artist who makes the art.


Layering is an evanescent, as well as a tangible, metaphor. It grows like moss from living and learning. It imbues the work with meaning. The Layering Society is not only about holism, it is a holistic organization. SLMM attracts many artists who are following a personal path of aesthetics combined with an active interest in wholeness. Those wishing to become SLMM members may contact the Executive Administrator for an application form.


SLMM’s annual meetings are opportunities for interaction among members, for adventures, stimulus, conversation, viewing of SLMM members’ work, and visits with fellow members and guests. In addition to holding meetings, SLMM has organized symposia, presented exhibitions, and planned tours in the United States and abroad. As more members join, local activities are increasing. There are Regional Coordinators in many areas of the country.


SLMM holds shows in museums and public or college galleries according to specific guidelines. The group has produced books, videos and catalogues. Members receive one roster per year. The SLMM website,, is a continually updated source of information containing news of members’ activities, our history, events and the sharing of ideas and book references. It is open to all who want to send something for inclusion.


Since 1982, SLMM has held over 30 national exhibitions in museum and college galleries as well as regional shows. Society exhibitions are intended to demonstrate the underlying holistic premise of SLMM. All SLMM members are eligible to enter all regional and national shows by jurying process. Although our exhibitions are not competitive, selections are made by curators with respect to available space, and the theme of the exhibition, if any. No awards or ribbons are given. SLMM is incorporated in the State of New Mexico. It is a Non–Profit, Tax Exempt organization.

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