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Laura Pope



Terri MacDonald

Board of Directors

Judie M Bordic
Sue Burke Harrington
Rebel K Mahieu
Georgia Mason
Nicola Mason
Barbara Jo Converse Stevens
Jean Warren

history of SLMM

SLMM was founded in 1982 by Mary Carroll Nelson in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Winter's Quiet Solace (above)

featured Web Gallery exhibit: January 2023

The Society of Layerists in Multi-Media is a non-profit organization intended to serve as a network for artists who express a holistic perspective. The Layering process is individualistic, but there are relationships among Layerists’ techniques. They frequently add or take away material, layer by layer as an analogue for aspects of nature, and the cycle of birth, death and rebirth. Most Layerists are mature, proficient artists who have achieved a meditative level of creativity. They imbue their work with meaning. Therefore, we say that it is not the technique that distinguishes a Layered work of art so much as the mind of the artist who creates it. The layers we refer to are both physical and metaphorical.


SLMM membership is open to all interested persons.

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Visual Journeys:
Art of the 21st Century

From the Preface: Visual Journeys, A Collaboration


"Within the visual journey each member is adjusting and modifying; there are unexpected detours and new roads to follow. Perhaps these variations along the way lead to new materials and techniques, different from those the member was using when he or she entered the group. The Society of Layerists in Multi–Media encourages its members in the evolution of their art. Each step of their journey is as important as any other. The images in this book are formed of layers that, taken together, enrich the collective whole. This book itself becomes "whole" by the layering of images on each page."


Nina Mihm, President


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