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SLMM has been proud to offer annual conferences each year, until the pandemic. Since then, we’ve held regular virtual meetings to connect members, both regionally and nationally, while we reconsider our options.

As we discuss returning to in-person gatherings, we also hear concerns about travel and the continued risk of exposure to illness. The SLMM Board welcomes any ideas and volunteers who might be interested in working with our National Exhibition and Conference Committee to move forward, while continuing our excellent virtual groups.

2019 National Conference
"Meet Me in St Louis......"

St Louis, Missouri

October 8-11, 2019


Many thanks to all who contributed to the success of the 2019 National Conference in St. Louis, Missouri - all of those who attended came away inspired, informed and connected! Click here to read and see more from the conference!

2018 National Conference

Tacoma, Washington

August 23-26, 2018

The annual national SLMM conference is an important event as it provides us with the opportunity to connect with our fellow SLMM members, to renew old friendships and make new ones. This year’s conference did not disappoint. Held at the Hotel Murano, downtown and within walking distance to wonderful art and architecture, the venue houses its own collection of glass works which are exhibited on each floor and in the lobby.

After registration on Thursday, members enjoyed the evening buffet reception as well as fellowship with other conference attendees. The bus trip on Friday took our group into Seattle, where we viewed the Chihuly Gardens with its indoor/outdoor exhibits, the Seattle Museum of Art, and a stop at the Elliot Bay Book Company. Later that evening, guests enjoyed a sit down
banquet and special presentation by SLMM member Leslie Ebert, who shared her artistic journey in developing her process of photographing energy.


There was a short general meeting Saturday morning with special thanks to Jaleh Etemad and Lynn Mikami for their service as President and Vice President, respectively, and a welcome to new President, Laura Pope. After the meeting, members were free to explore downtown Tacoma on foot or by the free light rail to see its many attractions which include the Glass
Bridge and Glass Museum (where artists were at work in the Hot Shop), the Tacoma Art Museum, and the old Union Station with its distinctive Beaux-Arts architecture. This structure is now the federal courthouse and houses a collection of glass by renowned Tacoma glass artist Dale Chihuly.

Saturday evening, our group was taken by bus to the Museum Contempo in Shelton for the opening reception of the national SLMM exhibit ‘Layering: Within and Without’. The gallery is owned by SLMM member, Andrea Mastrangelo, who generously invited our society to have the show there. The diversity and quality of a SLMM exhibit is always captivating! In addition
to a dessert buffet, Andrea provided us with a program that included a talk by Diana Wong, songs by Marigem Emde, poetry readings by Jeff Meyers, the story of her artistic journey by Marilyn Stablein, and an interpretive dance of salmon spawning by Teresa Staal-Cowley.


After a fine breakfast on Sunday morning, the conference closed with a Prayer Circle. We want to give a special thank you to Mary Carroll Nelson for all of her work in coordinating this event.

Laura Pope



Screen Shot 2023-11-18 at 1.45.13 PM.png
2017 National Conference
"Enchanting Layers in New Mexico"

Albuquerque, New Mexico

September 20-23, 2017


Wednesday through Saturday were days filled with wonderful activities. On Wednesday SLMMers gathered from far and wide to honor our founder, Mary Carroll Nelson, and to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Society of Layerists in Multi-Media.


Highlights of the conference included the welcoming reception, a bus trip to Santa Fe, speakers, a collaborative art activity that resulted in two accordion-style books, general meeting, evening banquet with a short presentation on the history of SLMM, Flamenco dancers, a visit to the National Hispanic Cultural Center and Indian Pueblo Cultural Center and last but not least, a closing social, raffle, and talk by Charles Eaton ending with our traditional SLMM Prayer Circle.


Please check out the Photo Gallery for more images from the conference, click here to view Jaleh's presentation, and see the Fall 2017 Newsletter for additional information, thoughts, and reflection.


There is a $500 Travel Grant to attend a SLMM National Conference open to all SLMM Members. Click for more details.

2016 National Conference
"...nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina in the morning"

What a fantastic time we had in Asheville.


Members toured the beautiful Biltmore House and learned that it is one big house to dust, had a fantastic lunch at Deerpark and sampled wine at the Biltmore Winery. Had fun on the bus to downtown Asheville, saw a great demonstration at the Lexington Glass Works and demos at the River Arts District. We saw beautiful crafts at the New Morning Art Gallery and helped the local economy in the many wonderful small shops. Riding the HopOn-HopOff was a fun way to get around town.


It was my pleasure to be able to share Asheville with many long time friends and meet new first time members to our conferences. I am already looking forward to our SLMM 2017 Conference. Thanks to everyone for a great four-day conference.


Ann Hartley


Please check out the Photo Gallery for more images from the conference, and the Fall 2016 Newsletter for additional information, thoughts, and reflection.

Unique Insights Unveiled


“Unique Insights” was unveiled at the national conference in Asheville to the oohs and aahs of those in attendance. It is beautifully illustrated with SLMM members work along with individual statements and additional information in the preface by Jaleh Etemad, President, and foreward by SLMM Founder, Mary Carroll Nelson. There is also an excellent history of SLMM provided by life-time member, Carleen Hearn. This book is the fourth one that SLMM has published. It was a momentous venture resulting in a book that we can all be proud of.


Members are encouraged to purchase copies of the book directly from our publishing company, The University of New Mexico Press. Ordering information can be found by clicking here.

2015 SLMM National Conference


San Francisco, CA

September 23-27, 2015


We had a rich and rewarding conference with sunny and warm weather the whole time. The welcoming reception gave us a chance to begin conversations and work on the collaborative Art Scroll together. The next day began with the peaceful and meditative visit to Grace Cathedral and the indoor and outdoor labyrinths. On to the DeYoung and Legion of Honor Museums to enjoy the collections and take in the beautiful sweeping view of the Pacific Ocean as the bus took us from Lands End back to the hotel. The evening was full: the banquet, the speaker, Jeremy Taylor, and the exchange of the 10”x 10” suitcase art works.


Varied experiences were enjoyed the next day at the Asian Art Museum, a mural tour and Instant Mural Workshop in the art-filled Mission District. A highlight at the end of the day was the viewing of Diego Rivera’s monumental Mural of Pan American Unity at City College, with a fascinating docent talk by Diana Scott of the Art Department.


Our last full day began with a trip across the San Mateo Bridge to Oakland, where we had our outdoor meeting in a courtyard of the Oakland Museum. There was a good discussion about membership, whether to maintain the hierarchies of full and associate members, or have mentorship offered as an opportunity when people choose it. We viewed the exhibits and collections and went on an Art Walk to galleries in one of Oakland’s art districts, ending with dinner at a new Mexican restaurant specializing in Oaxacan dishes. Our trip back to the hotel took us over the dramatic and beautiful new Bay Bridge. There was more work on the Art Scroll the following day for those who had time before leaving. Being able to see old friends and acquaintances and meet new members was the heart of the conference, of course. Those of us who were on the planning committee were very happy with how things went and were so pleased to host those members who came. Thanks to everyone who contributed to make the conference a big success!


Jenny Sultan Badger

The Loveliness of SLMMers was written and performed by Dereama Allenbaugh at the banquet. Accompanied by Charles Eaton on the banjo, and Jaleh looking on in amazement! Please click the play button here to listen.




Please check out the Photo Gallery for more images from the conference, and the October Newsletter for additional information, thoughts, and reflection.

2014 National Conference
"There's No Place Like Home"

National Exhibitions

Hays Arts Center, Hays, KS

October 21st - November 21st, 2014


FULL & LIFETIME: Sue Burke-Harrington, Ann Carstensen, Marilyn Christenson, Nancy Dunaway, Jaleh Etemad, Catherine Fraser, Ilena Grayson, Sylvia Harnick, Ann Bellinger Hartley, Mary Hunter, Kathleen Kuchar, Gloria Lee, Terri MacDonald, Judith Marshall, Nina Mihm, Lynn Mikami, Carol Morris-Ward, Mary Carroll Nelson, Jean Nevin, Rochelle Newman, Richard Newman, Nancy Egol Nikkal, Linda Penrod, Carol Perroni, Win Ratz, Janet Ruffin, Lydia Ruyle, Maryanne Scatamacchia, Delda Skinner, Jenny Badger Sultan, and Margaret Watts

ASSOCIATES: Dereama Allenbaugh, Betty Baker, Tony Christenson, Sharon Eley, Marigem Emde, Judith Irwin, Cal Mahin, Andrea Mastrangelo, Barbara Reser, and John C. Thorns (deceased)

112 East 11th Street, Hays, KS

2013 National Conference


"Nature In Transition"


All Member Exhibition

Blue Heron Nature Preserve, Atlanta, GA

September 21st - November 21st, 2013


FEATURING ARTISTS: Julianne Biehl, Rae Dollard, Janaia Donaldson, Nancy Dunaway, Sharon Eley, Marigem Emde, Jane Winders Frank, Ilena Grayson, Ann Bellinger Hartley, Mary Hunter, Ken Johnson,Nancy Knoles, Kathleen Kuchar, Tomi LaPierre, Gloria D. Lee, Sue Liska, Patricia McCandless, Terri MacDonald, Nina Mihm, Lynn Mikami, Candace Moore, 

Carol Morris-Ward, Jean Nevin, Richard Newman, Rochelle Newman, Linda Penrod, Win Ratz, Lucinda Talbot, Juliet Wood, & Diana Wong

4055 Roswell Rd., Atlanta, GA

Past National Conferences


2012 (October) Taos, NM, 30th Anniversary Celebration 


2011 (October) Albuquerque, NM, Annual Board Meeting


2010 (September) Austin, TX


2009 (July) Los Angeles, CA


2008 (April) Fort Myers, FL

2007 (July) Albuquerque, NM, 25th Anniversary Celebration

2006 (October) Lexington, KY

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