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 Shirley Eley Nachtrieb 

"My work is an evolving process of self–prescribed treatment for healing of the body and soul. I never know when the painting is done until it tells me that it is finished. The process itself is like talking to God and my inner child at the same time. The layers express my ties to the past and move toward my interaction with the future. My excitement for life is revealed in the layers of vibrant colors as they enrich the surface of the paper reflecting my relationship with my inner self — creative and ever changing. The finished work is a journey toward good health and a closer relationship with God."


Copyrights in the works of art and the images displayed on this site are held by the artists creating the works, and display on this Website is solely by permission of the artists. No right is conferred to reproduce these images, either digitally or in print, except with the express permission of the artists. 

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