Awakening--Together in Change 

on online Exhibit by the Pacific Coast/Canada Region of SLMM

Our Region was looking forward to a traditional, physical exhibit at the Unitarian Church in San Francisco in Fall 2020 when the Corona Virus Pandemic hit. We had just completed a very successful group project on Global Warming/Climate Change. It had been put up in the Tiburon Town Hall which then had to close after a week. When I polled the members they were very enthusiastic to go ahead with a virtual exhibit on the SLMM web site. They expressed many ideas for a title for the show and we finally decided on “Awakening--Together in Change.” I think that each person expressed their own feelings about and response to the extraordinary times we are living in, as well as the sense of connection that we have as artists sharing our creative process.

Jenny Badger Sultan Coordinator,

Pacific Coast/Canada Region

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