about joining SLMM 

SLMM is a 501(c)(3) non–profit organization founded in May 1982 in the state of New Mexico.

SLMM serves as an educational society and a network for artists interested in a holistic perspective to art. National exhibitions are held in museums and public or collegiate galleries, as well as regional shows according to specific guidelines. All exhibitions are juried and intended to demonstrate the underlying holistic premise of SLMM with no competitiveness or award presentations.



SLMM has produced several books, videos, and catalogues. The website www.slmm.org is a continually updated source of information of member's activities and includes several newsletters published throughout the year. The website is open to all members who wish to submit items of interest for inclusion in the newsletter or the ‘event’ section. All members are welcome to participate in the ‘artist links’ and the ‘artist pages’ profiles.



National conferences are held annually in different geographical locations throughout the United States and all members are encouraged to attend. The conferences are opportunities for interaction among members, exchanging ideas and techniques, sharing adventures, and networking with guest artists/workshop instructors and keynote speakers. Regional Coordinators have been assigned specific states to hold local meetings and organize various regional activities.


There are two types of membership: SLMM membership and Life membership.

SLMM Membership


SLMM membership is open to all interested persons. Please click here to download form.


Dues are $40 per year, $55 per couple, and $40 for international members; they are payable by check or money order, or by credit card (for a fee).

for membership inquiries

If you would like to receive your application by mail, please send a SASE to:

P.O. Box 897
Guthrie, OK 73044

Copyrights in the works of art and the images displayed on this site are held by the artists creating the works, and display on this Website is solely by permission of the artists. No right is conferred to reproduce these images, either digitally or in print, except with the express permission of the artists.