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 She Who Sees Beyond 

Nancy Dunaway


16" x 14" x 5"
mixed media on papier mache
(acrylic, rabbit fur, cork, beads, wire, dried flowers,bleached birch, birds nest, blown egg,

gold leaf)

"After my beloved husband, Tom Drewes, 
passed into spirit in February of 2012, I was 
frozen artistically. I began to read lots of Rumi, 
who has always been my favorite, and slowly 
created a series of 4 masks. This is my favorite. 
This Grandmother energy reminds us that beyond our place of pain and sorrow, gain and loss, right and wrong, there is always tomorrow. She has seen it…seen tomorrow… where things are lighter and brighter and our joy returns, not the same joy as before, she says, but joy never the less.

Rumi says:
Out beyond the place of right–doing 
and wrong–doing, there is a field.
I'll meet you there." 

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