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 $500 Travel Grant for SLMM National Conference 

Open to all SLMM members


A $500 Travel Grant is available to aid any SLMM member in need of financial assistance to attend a National Conference.

This applicant must follow a few guidelines as follows:

  •  must have been a member of SLMM for two years 

  •  must present a written request to the Travel Grant Chairman a minimum of four months prior to the first day of the conference

Lynn Mikami, the Travel Grant Chairman, will hold a drawing from the submitted names. A second draw will be made in case the successful candidate is unable to attend the conference.


If the selected participant is unable to attend, Lynn must be notified four (4) weeks prior to the National Conference. The alternate will then be notified.


In the event that the money is awarded and for any reason the recipient (or alternate) is unable to attend, the full amount ($500) must be returned to the Treasury.


Any SLMM member who fit the above guidelines is urged to submit their request for the Travel Grant in writing to the Travel Grant Chairman.

If you have questions, please contact:


Lynn C. Mikami

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