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 Mary Carroll Nelson 

"Two sources of imagery capture my imagination: dramatic color photographs from space and mysterious crop formations known as agriglyphs.

I allude to these sky and earth phenomena by stippling dots of ink on layers of acrylic sheet plastic. The dots are equivalents for energy, in both particle and wave form, moving between dimensions. Light passing through the layers animates the piece as various patterns are revealed from one hour to the next.


I think of my work as shrines.

My intention is to express the holistic concept that everything is connected — the tangible and the intangible, memory, history, now and then, here and there — across time and space."


Copyrights in the works of art and the images displayed on this site are held by the artists creating the works, and display on this Website is solely by permission of the artists. No right is conferred to reproduce these images, either digitally or in print, except with the express permission of the artists. 

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