the society of layerists in multi–media

2015 SLMM National Conference

in San Francisco, California
September 23–27 , 2015

The SLMM Premise

The Society of Layerists in Multi–Media (SLMM) is a network for artists who express a holistic perspective in any style or medium. Layering is not a label for a specific technique, such as collage. It is a way to think about creating art as a synthesis of ideas from many sources: the sciences, philosophy, metaphysics, experience, and imagination. The layers in Layered art are the references and meaning that the artist brings to the work rather than the materials used to create it. As a society, we are focused on the intentions of the artist.

Layering is an evanescent metaphor that grows like moss from living and learning. Often there is a sense of something "other" than the visible in Layered art. The kinship among Layerists is their openness to inspiration from all aspects of their lives and their shared perception of an underlying connectedness to everything.

— Mary Carroll Nelson, SLMM founder

SLMM is a 501(c)3 non–profit organization founded in May 1982 in the state of New Mexico.
No awards or ribbons are given.

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SLMM Web Gallery Project — October 2014 –May 2015 — Theme: Cyber Voices

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above painting: Alexander Nepote, © Hanne–Lore Nepote

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