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 Pauline Eaton 

"Watercolor became my chosen medium at the age of eleven, when I begged my 
way into an adult painting class. When my youngest went to kindergarden, I began painting in earnest, making it a full—time profession.


Watercolor’s magic transparency helps me interpret the world as I experience it, because of its luminous qualities that relate to my approach to my art as a way to translate energy and spirituality into the visual.


I paint into the wedge of Light between manifestation and the realm of Spirit. All matter is made up of Light and Energy. I paint these both symbolically and as metaphor.

When I turn to landscapes, my work refers more to how locations have made me feel more than physical aspects of place. I have peered into moving ocean waves and seen swirls of molecules. In mountains I see the forces of energy that have shaped the formations."

Earth Perspective
Estatic Escarpment
Sacred Spaces

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